Nuggetty Creek Olive Oil

In our olive grove we have planted the best olives from Italy, Spain and Israel including Manzanilla, Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino, Barnea and Picual, and will plant another 5,000 trees in the coming months. At Nuggetty Creek Olives, our aim, quite simply, is to bring you the best tasting pure Extra Virgin olive oil.
To do this, we sacrifice quantity for quality, harvesting olives early, beginning in April (most groves in Australia will harvest in May). By harvesting early, we avoid any early winter frosts and the young olives contribute a fresh fruity flavour to the oil. More mature fruit gathers higher oil content at the cost of flavour and quality of the oil.
Within a few hours of harvest, Nuggetty Creek Olives are pressed to ensure excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Timing is definitely of the essence when it comes to quality olive oil.
The sooner the olives are pressed and the oil produced the more superior the taste of the extra virgin olive oil is.