Pittorino Designs

At pittorino designs, we create objects which want to be looked at, touched, used and talked about. We approach design with a passion to invent and innovate. Our objective is to create aesthetic and functional objects which are elegant, dynamic and made to last. Our commitment to sustainability is expressed in our choice of material; by minimising wastage; and in making products that are durable and timeless.

Robbi Pittorino
Robbi has been working as a sculptor and maker of furniture for more than two decades, across a range of media including timber, steel, ceramics, marble, hebel and concrete. He developed his practice as a resident of the Blackwattle studios in Glebe in the 1990s. Relocating to Italy in 2000, he created timber and marble sculptures, which were featured in a number of well received exhibitions. On returning to Australia in 2003, Robbi began working on residential and commercial projects. He sculpted walls for a property in Annandale, which was bought by Boystown Lotteries as the 1st Prize for their Home Draw; and a property in Paddington which received the Edna Walling Award for Residential Designed Landscapes.

Since 2006, Robbi has pursued his interest in concrete. The versatility of this ‘liquid stone’ appeals to Robbi as a medium which can be sculpted. He uses a range of innovative approaches to concrete to create the dynamic forms and natural elegance he previously achieved in other media. Besides his own ongoing research and development, he has attended the International Conference of Geopolymers and Geopolymer Concrete at Curtin University, completed Cheng Concrete’s Advanced Training Course and the Concrete Countertop Institute’s Ultimate Concrete Countertop Training.