We give vintage aircraft pieces a second life…
​Based in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, Propell’art selects vintage propeller’s blades and aircraft parts from around the world and turns each of them into a collectible piece of art.
Through unique and original designs, Propell’art gives vintage airplane parts a second life, preserving aviation heritage through art. Each piece is authentic and carefully selected from real flying airplanes from mid-30’s to the late 70’s , a time when aviation was synonymous with freedom and conquest.
The propeller blades and other collectible objects are modified in our atelier workshop and produced in limited series. We love showcasing our creativity but we’re also keen to work in collaboration with our customers to come up with unique custom made pieces. ​Our outstanding limited edition designs will delight modern art collectors, pilots or aviation enthusiasts alike. ​We also work with interior designers, stylists and architects for custom made sculptures, displays, home and office furniture that will add personality and style to any space.