Raw Honey Farm

We are Andrew and Moss, migratory apiarists (beekeepers) from Marraweeney in North-East Victoria. We produce and package our honey under the ‘Raw Honey’ brand name at our ‘off-grid’ property on the Strathbogie Tablelands. We are managing around 1300 beehives with a particular focus on Eucalypt honey production. We manage around one-quarter of our apiaries with organic certification. Throughout each season we migrate our beehives on a journey following the flowering cycles of the naturally occurring native flora, from river flats to mountainsides, desert scrub to box-ironbark open forest. Each season we produce a different range of small batch seasonal varieties and unique bees’ blends. Our RAW honey products are available online and from our many stockists throughout Victoria and Australia.
As our brand name suggests, we specialise in RAW honey. Our RAW honey is cold extracted and cold bottled for maximum retention of natural goodness and flavour. RAW honey will naturally crystallise at a fairly rapid rate. Depending on the variety, some will set to a smooth creamy texture within weeks while others may take a few months.
Some people believe that for honey to be classified as RAW it must simply be kept below around 40-45°C. We believe however for honey to be truly RAW it should be extracted and bottled at ambient temperature, therefore not adding any heat in the processing at all. This is what our customers expect and so this is what we offer.
Each extract is labelled with its floral variety(s) and apiary location, you will find this information on every jar. Each batch is also flavour sampled by us and assigned a rating (on a scale of one to five hexagons) for strength and sweetness; a scale we have developed to help consumers choose from the many varieties when tastings are not available, such as online and in retail stores.
We are certified by ‘Australian Certified Organic (ACO). ACO audit our operation annually to make sure we are keeping to the ‘standard’. Each batch of honey also has its labelling approved for use prior to sale.