Save Our Bees

Our Raw Honey is 100% pure, natural, rich and full flavoured produced in our apiary Sydney.
Our raw honey is extracted from our beehives located in a private backyard bee garden in Bardwell Park, an inner west suburb of Sydney Australia, on the hill side of Bardwell Valley over looking Earlwood and Kingsgrove. We call it Hand Made Honey because our honey and our bees are cared for and produced with human hands. We do not use pesticides, anti biotics or chemicals in our bee colonies. We control and prevent any problems or pests with natural remedies by using, for example, vegetable oil in pest traps instead of harsh man-made chemicals.

How is the Raw Honey Extracted
Our raw honey is extracted and spun by a centrifugal extractor, a little like the spin dryer of a washing machine. As the raw honey comb is placed in the extractor then spun it spreads out to the inner walls of the extractor and with the help of gravity the raw honey slowly finds its way down from the honey comb to a stainless steel vat before being poured into your jar.

Pure and Raw Honey, No Sugar Added
We do not feed our bees sugar water but our bees are happy and fat eating local pollen, nectar, and the raw honey they produce themselves. We always leave plenty of honey for the bees to feed on and we only take the surplus to bring to you.

Raw Honey is Not Pasteurised
Our honey is not pasteurised or heated and is 100% raw. We only strain the honey in a fine food grade stainless steel sieve that removes most of the impurities but because our honey is in it’s natural state it may contain traces of pollen and bees wax. This is totally natural and studies have proven that eating local raw honey containing traces of local pollen can aid in relief to those who may otherwise suffer allergies to pollen.
Make no mistake, our raw honey is totally natural, rich and full flavoured… the way nature intended it to bee.