Section 44 Distillery

The name Section 44 stems from an interpretation of the Australian Constitution that disqualified Senators and Members of Parliament from holding office if their father was born overseas. As a result, Stephen Parry, a Tasmanian-born Senator, lost his role in the Senate. This event brought together the three founders: Andrew Patten, Raj Charan Singh, and Stephen Parry, who decided to create a legacy in the spirits industry. United by their shared vision and commitment to quality, the trio embarked on a journey to craft exquisite Tasmanian spirits, building the foundation of Section 44 Distillery as we know it today.
At Section 44 Distillery, we are dedicated to crafting premium Tasmanian spirits. Our meticulous distillation process, using traditional methods and the finest ingredients, ensures the high quality of our spirits. Our products, including our popular Lemon Myrtle Gin, Masala Gin, and Single Malt Whisky, are a testament to our relentless pursuit of perfection.