Shima Wasabi

Shima Wasabi finds it home in northern Tasmania, which shares its latitude with southern Japan. Tasmania’s cool climate, clean air and plentiful rainfall create the ideal year-round environment in which to grow this rare plant to create genuine wasabi products.
Most “wasabi” sold around the world is not genuine. Typically made from horseradish, sugar, salt, green food colouring and other artificial additives, these substitutes often contain no part of the wasabi plant. At Shima Wasabi, we devote ourselves to the cultivation of genuine wasabi products, by harnessing the pristine environment in which it our wasabi is grown. Notoriously difficult to plant, grow and harvest , we apply the care and attention that our wasabi crop deserves.
We use the whole plant – stem, leaves and stalks. The result is an exceptional range of fresh wasabi, wasabi paste and wasabi powder that is at home in your kitchen as it is on the menus of some of Australia’s most highly-acclaimed restaurants.
More than just a condiment for sushi, let Shima Wasabi inspire you to bring a distinct heat and pungency to your culinary repertoire. Spice up a dressing or dip, add heat to your favourite protein, or even give a distinctive kick to a cocktail.