Studio Do

Studio Do is a Melbourne-based homeware brand that creates contemporary and minimalist tableware and sculptural pieces from locally foraged wood. Rebecca Monaghan, the creative behind Studio Do, combines her background in visual arts and software design to produce bespoke and functional pieces from her one-person workshop in Williamstown, Victoria.
Rebecca’s passion for woodturning and carving began during Melbourne’s lockdowns, leading her to expand her sculpture arts practice into producing functional objects. Her experimentation with different woods and techniques, such as charring, waxing, and natural drying, has resulted in unique and whimsical designs that push the boundaries of form and function. Each piece from Studio Do is not only functional but also a work of art, adding a touch of personality and charm to any table setting. By choosing Studio Do, customers can support local craftsmanship and sustainability, while enjoying beautifully crafted homeware.