Sunrise Honey Farm

Honey made in Australia has always been world-renowned for its purity, and natural high quality. However, in order to ensure that the honey is purely natural and of good quality, that starts from the honey source.

SUNRISE HONEY FARM is located in the Sunshine Coast region of Queensland, Australia, with 149 hectares of land, nestled between the Beerburrum State Forest and Bribie Island National Park. Eucalyptus, Melaleuca and Leptospermum trees are plentiful on the land. This has provided a natural and high-quality nectar source for the bees, because, well fed bees, are happy bees and happy bees produce the best honey.

When the trees are not flowering, SUNRISE HONEY FARM begins to cultivate bee pastures with pesticide free flower crops such as sunflowers, and in order to achieve natural and pollution-free conditions, only heirloom, pesticide free seeds are chosen. We also use various types of GMO free, agricultural flowering crops which are also cultivated on the land, such as phacelia, clovers, brassica and thyme, which will produce healthier bees bringing out a more colourful, floral honey in production.
Only by truly tasting our honey, you will know what is the finest in Australian honey.