Sunshine & Sons

Why shouldn’t the best place in the world have a few spirits to match? Four blokes, an empty shed, a lot of memories and a bit too much sun. Sunshine & Sons was born — like a lot of things on the coast — out of a bit of nostalgia, a why-not attitude and a few lucky coincidences.

Sunshine & Sons is everything you love about our little part of the world and everything we love about great spirits. Pot-distilled in the hinterland rainforest, our spirits evoke all the promise and the memory — the allure and the warmth of Queensland’s beautiful subtropical coast. The best thing is someone else has done all the hard work — just let The Coast Spirit shine.

Our home and Distillery is located in lush Sunshine Coast hinterland rainforest, neighbouring and just a short drive from Queensland’s iconic and much loved Big Pineapple. It is here that we create and share our Sunshine & Sons range of spirits. Maria and Sarah, our imposing and elegant 6,000 and 2,500 litre Tasmanian artisan pot stills were commissioned in January 2020 to Head Distiller, Adam Chapman‘s proprietary design and specifications. Hand-made in Tasmania from the finest German copper, they‘ve been meticulously designed to create stunning and complex flavour profiles – an integral element of our vision to let The Coast Spirit shine.

As well as being passionate about producing beautiful Spirits, we focus on preserving the beautiful environment in which we have the privilege to live and work in. Absolutely no harm to our people and our planet.