Sutton’s Juice Factory and Cidery

All juice made at Suttons is one hundred percent pure without the addition of preservatives, additives, water or concentrates. Juice from other fruits and vegetables is freshly pressed as required. Once juice is pressed it is either bottled and pasteurised or fermented into apple cider. Apple cider vinegar with ‘mother of vinegar’ is fermented naturally from apple cider. Our apple cider is also used to distil our Spirit of the Apple. At Suttons we make apple syrup. It is simply reduced apple juice which is concentrated to retain the lovely rich, fresh flavour of the apple.
Apples used in the products are picked straight from the orchard during the apple season from February to May. At other times, apples for processing, are purchased directly from local farmers who grow the apples on orchards within a 10km radius of Sutton’s orchard. Other fruit used in processing comes from the café garden, orchard, Granite Belt or Queensland. The quality and quantity of fruit and vegetables is totally dependent on the climatic conditions each season and this dictates the quantity of our supplies.