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  • Shabana Jacobson

    Shabana Jacobson

    Contemporary Jeweller Shabana Jacobson has been making beautiful one-off pieces of jewellery for the last 20 years. She has 3 stores across Melbourne that showcase all her jewellery work as well as her other brands and design work such as her ceramics, skincare label, baby/home and lifestyle ranges.All production pieces are lovingly handmade in Melbourne…

  • Luke Abbott Designs

    Luke Abbott Designs

    My work is an aesthetic form of biomimicry. Each creature evolved to inhabit the personal, intimate space that is reserved for jewellery. With details that are only revealed through mechanical transformation, I aim to unlock the childlike wonder I associate with the natural world.https://www.lukeabbot.com.au/

  • Ellmabee


    Ellmabee is the Melbourne based label of artist, designer and maker Laura Brown. Combining a background in textile design with her penchant for jewellery making, Laura has established Ellmabee with a focus on jewellery featuring her original art.Laura works out of her home studio situated in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges. Here is where Laura‚Äôs distinctive…

  • Anja Jagsch Art Jewellery

    Anja Jagsch Art Jewellery

    With these pieces of jewellery I share my passion for nature – they have been thoughtfully collected in my garden and my time spent in the wild.I studied nutrition (Oekotrophologie/Bachelor) in Germany and completed the Bachelor of visual arts and applied design here in Australia in 2009. Still passionate about both, in a way I…

  • Pili Pala

    Pili Pala

    Pili Pala has grown into a thriving small business with a desire to design and create products that are unique, distinct and make you smile. Whilst utilising self-taught production techniques, we incorporate sustainable Tasmanian wood, resin and either our own paintings or vintage paintings.Pili Pala started as a hobby for Helen in 2009 when she…