Tag: Sustainably sourced timbers

  • Beeline Design

    Beeline Design

    Beeline Design is the vision of Adam Brislin and Lucy Grant, who established the bespoke furniture business in 2010. Creating beautifully crafted designer furniture. From stools, tables, beds to lighting features and boutique homewares. With over 20 years of experience in furniture making, Adam- a life-long woodworker; has a personal passion for creating pure quality.…

  • Flitch & Rasp

    Flitch & Rasp

    Flitch & Rasp was born 2012 in Melbourne when Bianca Hayden, a visual artist, sculptor and lover of the cushier things in life, built her first dining table to fulfil a dream to bring her art into the everyday things we use.12 years on and 2 intercity moves later, we are now located in Blackheath…