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  • Walkabout Apiaries

    Walkabout Apiaries

    All family members are involved in the different aspects of the business whether we are rearing queen bees, harvesting honey, producing beeswax candles or Mead. On market days it is all hands on deck and the Grandchildren often get involved too.Bees have taught us to be a close family, to work harmoniously and productively to…

  • Miellerie Honey

    Miellerie Honey

    Miellerie Honey is a subtle marriage of Tasmanian native flowers, French tradition and biodynamic practices. It has been a family business, owned and operated by Yves Ginat, apiarist/beekeeper since he was a 14yr old boy, growing up in France. ‘Miellerie’ is French for ‘Honey House’, pronounced ‘meer-leh-ree’. We specialise in producing organic, unheated native flower…