Tag: Trinket dishes

  • Paxxy and Flora

    Paxxy and Flora

    My aim with P&F is to help you elevate your everyday moments and spaces through thoughtful purchases.Whether it’s a statement vase as a centre-piece for your table, or a small dish to keep your earrings in, it’s not about just a vase or a bowl. It’s not just about being handmade. It’s about experience. Warmth.…

  • Fika Faru

    Fika Faru

    One of a kind Ceramics. Handmade on the Gold Coast by Emily Glover.Fika – A Swedish word meaning Coffee Break.Faru – The Old English word for Journey. We are a small Handmade Ceramics business with a purpose to inspire the pursuit of Self kindness & Love through little conscious moments of Self care each day,…