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  • Release the Zebra

    Release the Zebra

    Release The Zebra is a multidisciplinary creative studio run by French art director Ana├»s Lobmeyer. Our mission is to help your business release its full potential by providing bold and colorful custom design services. Did you know plants are happier when they are in colorful pots?While the above is our own belief, bright colours make…

  • Indelible Designs

    Indelible Designs

    Indelible designs create bold and dreamy functional ceramic pieces. Each piece is made slowly and thoughtfully by artist Kirby Sens in Melbourne, Victoria.Indelible means to making lasting marks or memories. This concept is echoed through each piece, with evidence of finger pressure and the makers hand these playful ceramic pieces are all unique.Each piece is…

  • Anna Scheen

    Anna Scheen

    Anna Scheen is a ceramic artist, painter, and contemporary jeweller. Her work leans towards the subtle and her porcelain work is super fine, often contrasting the pure whiteness of the porcelain clay with midnight blackness. Her work explores themes of uncertainty and the unseen. The space between seeing and understanding, time and observation.Anna studied printmaking…