Tasmanian Soap Farm

Just like you, we have a personal interest in good health.
And skin, the largest of our body’s organs, directly absorbs what goes onto it — into our bloodstream!
We know that you need to have self-assurance about what you use on your skin, and in your mouth. That is what motivates us — to earn your trust, and your loyalty, so that you will look forward to using our skin care soap and toothsoap every day.
We can only achieve this if you are totally happy with it.

Our wholesome soap formulations are based on science, extensive research and rigorous testing (on humans). The apothecary-like ingredients we use have transparent origins and we pay strict attention to environmental sustainability. Tasmanian Soap Farm’s soap range cleanse thoroughly, are kind and nurturing and are designed to keep your skin and oral microbiomes in the best possible condition.

Our aim is to connect you with our natural, healthy Tasmanian soap – for your benefit! We totally agree with Mark Twain: ‘The finest clothing made is a person’s own skin’. And when it comes to dental health, you can’t beat this quote: ‘A smile is the prettiest thing you’ll ever wear.’ Such smiles come from inner confidence. We wish you good health, happiness and hearty smiles!