Tassie Tallow

We are proud to share our uniquely Tasmanian produce with the rest of Australia and aim to revitalise our nations health with nutrient dense fats filled with essential acids, vitamins and energy while also catering for the budding, or master, chefs culinary masterpieces.
Other than that, our goal is to promote animal fat as the healthier, and only, alternative to the vegetable & seed oils that dominate our diets through processed foods and negatively impact our health overall. Why listen to the last 100 years of food science when we can reflect upon the past 2 million years of biological interaction with our main source of energy… F. A. T.
A lot of our stock is ‘made to order’ so there may be some delays to posting them as we are a small business and small-batch producer.
Domestic delivery is via Australia Post and general ETA’s can be referenced through this link: