Tetra Native Bee Honey

At Tetra Native Bees, we are dedicated to fostering a harmonious relationship between humans and nature, with a specific focus on the vital role that native stingless bees play in our ecosystem. Our mission is to safeguard and promote the well-being of native bees while producing high-quality, sustainably harvested honey and native bee related products.
Sam Poulsen founded Tetra Native Bees in 2020 after discovering a passion for stingless beekeeping many years prior. He has over 15 years of native beekeeping experience and has a bachelor of science from the University of the Sunshine Coast in QLD. He is committed to promoting sustainable, ethical and innovative native beekeeping practises and honey production.

Our Bees
Our Australian native stingless bees play a critical role in the Australian ecosystem. Unfortunately they often don’t receive the attention they so greatly deserve and suffer greatly from deforestation and other agricultural practices. We are proud to say that a large portion of our profits go back towards conserving and growing the population of Australian native stingless bees.

Our Honey
From hive to harvest, we uphold the highest standards of quality craftsmanship. Our native stingless bee honey is raw, unadulterated, and rich with the unique flavours and aromas of the diverse flora our stingless bees visit. Each batch is a labour of love, carefully tended by our experienced beekeepers to preserve the natural essence of stingless bee honey as nature intended.

Our Commitments:

Bee Welfare: We prioritise the health and happiness of our native bees. Through ethical and sustainable beekeeping practices, we aim to create thriving colonies that contribute to the overall health of our environment.

Educational Outreach: We are passionate about raising awareness regarding the crucial role native bees play in pollination and the ecosystem and the unique medicinal value their honey has to offer. Our mission includes educating the community on the importance of native bees and sustainable native beekeeping practices.

Quality Honey Production: We are committed to producing native bee honey of the highest quality. Our honey is a reflection of the diverse and vibrant Australian landscape where our bees forage, and we take pride in delivering a unique, pure, unadulterated taste of nature to our customers.

Local Collaboration: We actively engage with local communities, farmers, and businesses to create a network that supports bee-friendly practices. By fostering collaboration, we aim to strengthen the resilience of both our local ecosystem and economy.