That’s Awesome

Since 1998 That’s Awesome has been developing and manufacturing the safest, finest and most environmentally conscious range of cleaning products available in today’s market.
Our products are used by major airlines, airports, resorts, commercial cleaning and domestic homes. At That’s Awesome our successes have even extended to being requested by various companies to develop and manufacture exclusive products to be used and sold in conjunction with their own products. One of the biggest advantages of the That’s Awesome product range is that no water is required for cleaning or rinsing. In most instances, it’s simply spray, wipe, brush or vacuum.

That’s Awesome… is UNIQUE!
Unlike most detergent and chemical-based products that are available on the market today, we use a unique combination of enzymes and natural-based surfactants, which make our products resistant to suds and foaming. The biggest problem with sticky and soapy suds is the occurrence of continued re-soiling and the build-up of residue during and after the cleaning process. Soap and suds create the need for constant rinsing and more often than not leave dirty residue and smears when the product dries.

That’s Awesome… is FRIENDLY!
Our products are non-toxic and water friendly. No harsh bleaches or chemicals!
That’s Awesome…is 100% Australian owned and manufactured! No global chemical business here! Our vision is to remain 100% Australian owned and manufactured. We own and operate all products and machinery here in Australia and buy the majority of our ingredients locally whenever possible. So thanks to our blinding success in the commercial cleaning sectors, we are now making our product range available to the general public.