The Boy & I

THE BOY&I is an Australian made and designed high-quality, contemporary fashion label. Mindfully made in small collections, encompassing sustainability throughout the entire process. Using only the highest quality natural fabrics ethically sourced from around the world. Feminine, Seasonless pieces, simplistically designed to take you from season to season. Now including Our Travels Collection.

THE BOY&I takes a well-considered approach to manufacturing and design. Our garments are designed and made in Australia in small capsule collections, ensuring minimal waste and a significant reduction in emissions.
We only use Premium Natural fabrics Such as Linen and organic cotton.
No plastic or packaging is used in transporting our pieces from our manufacturer to our studio. We personally collect using reusable garment bags and hangers. When packaging is needed, our garments are shipped using 100% compostable postbags to our customers.
We work incredibly close with our team of artisans in Sydney, Australia. This not only allows us to maintain a high-quality standard but also allows us to build relationships and guarantee our garments are made fairly, as mindfulness extends to the makers.

Introducing “Maru” – Our latest collection inspired by the Japanese concept of “Maru,” meaning circle or completeness. Crafted from authentic Japanese raw canvas denim, each piece embodies the essence of simplicity, durability, and timeless style. Our latest collection celebrates the beauty of imperfection, embracing the natural ageing process of denim to create unique, personalised garments. From classic jeans to versatile jackets, every item in the Maru Denim lineup is meticulously designed to reflect the harmony found in Japanese craftsmanship. Join us on a journey where tradition meets modernity, and every wear tells a story of quality and authenticity. Complimented by our Australian Made cotton and linen pieces, adding a touch of versatility and breathability to complete our collection “MARU”.