The Folly Truffles

Mike and Judy Egerton have always loved the South of France and had a dream to grow truffles in their retirement. But France is too far away; so to be closer to family, they decided on Ballandean. Son Ben, and daughter-in-law Maple moved to The Folly in 2011 to manage the family farm. Learning as much as they could about truffles, trees and the weather patterns, with careful consideration for the soil, a whole family effort saw the first 450 trees planted in 2016.

Attention to detail, utilising current research and best practice ensured that the first truffles were harvested in 2020. Crisp winter nights, morning frosts, and hot dry summers proved to be the perfect conditions for growing Queensland’s first black truffles. The Folly truffles are grown with love with trees being nurtured throughout the year. In the winter, dogs sniff for truffles, and when they are just ripe, they are gently extracted from below the earth.

The Folly Truffles supply to local restaurants, and home chefs alike. We welcome visitors to the farm gate.
We want to give our customers fresh quality truffles, sourced locally and an experience to go with it. Most of all, we want to expand people’s palates and prove that truffles aren’t just a luxury food found in expensive restaurants, but a seasonal flavour that can be enjoyed at home too.
1110 Bents Road, Ballandean QLD,, Ph: 0488 392 979.