The Tasmania Honey Company

In 1978 and Julian created The Tasmanian Honey Company, to share with the world the tonic that is Tasmanian-made honey. He also was, as his 8-year-old self pre-empted; a beekeeper. A beekeeper that wanted to produce wild and uncompromised leatherwood honey for all to share.
To ensure we harness the full quality of our honey we use a ‘minimal impact process’ from the time the honey is removed from the beehives until the honey is finally packaged and ready for consumption.
An important aspect of this method is keeping the honey at relatively low temperatures throughout the handling process. While other processes use high temperatures to make the honey easy to use, the maximum temperature we warm our honey to is less than 45 degrees Celsius for all the candied ranges.
No filtration is used in the process, cleaning is affected by straining, and at no point do we use any chemicals or additives whatsoever. The low-temperature process retains the floral essences and flavonoids and bio-active compounds that give honey its flavour and health benefits.