The Woollen Earth

I am Sally and I am the crazy wool lady!
I have always been a creative person, sewing, painting, designing, usually on a large scale. I made couture wedding dresses by hand for 15 years. And then a few years ago I found wool. Wool in its rawest, chunkiest form and instantly fell in love.
However sourcing the wool was not as easy as I expected. Isn’t Australia known for producing some of the world’s finest wool? Samples came and samples got ditched. I was adamant I wanted to use Australian Wool and after much searching I found it! The finest, softest, squishiest Australian Merino Wool. Once I had my hands on it, I was instantly hooked! (excuse the pun).
As I never learnt to read from a pattern, all my designs are my own; tried on to test, undone and altered until they fit just right!