Timber & Tide

Timber & Tide was born out of a love for timber and a passion for creating handcrafted home and office furniture.
Our pieces celebrate the natural beauty of the grain, and are made with precision and care so each piece can be enjoyed for a lifetime and passed down through generations.
Timber & Tide specialises in affordable custom made timber home and office furniture, as well as timber boat and timber furniture repairs. We are a small Sunshine Coast business and we pride ourselves on creating quality handcrafted pieces, using Australian sustainably sourced materials.
We use only the highest quality wood, which means every project is unique and beams with eye catching colours, patterns and textures. Using a mix of dried and recycled timbers, we can guarantee a product that will last.
We are selective about the materials and suppliers we choose – mindful of our beautiful land, the natural world and its future beyond our own.