Triffid Tonic Co

Greg is an old-school pharmacist. One of the last to work with his hands compounding and concocting medicines from scratch, and is well versed in the art of making potions, lotions and medicines. Greg was making tonic water using traditional recipes to counter the commercial tonic brands, made with synthetic lab-based quinine and over-sweetened.
We have found perfect balances and made tonics that are so good they can actually be enjoyed on their own, which can’t be said for most tonic water out there.
We are always experimenting and pushing boundaries. With the release of limited edition tonics in one-off batches, we continue to find new fabulous taste experiences. Whilst many ideas don’t make it out of the test kitchen, what you get in your hands is balanced perfection.

We’ve taken back tonic water. Putting the aromatics back in that are designed to compliment and lift the gin. By using cinchona bark for our quinine we’re getting a smoother and lighter flavour meaning we can almost halve the sugar going in. By making it as syrup as was traditionally done, we’re giving you the power to choose the strength, but also give you flexibility to create cocktails limited only by imagination. Our aromatic tonics don’t even need the gin – they stand on their own. Just mix with soda water and enjoy.

One of the great advantages of Triffid Tonic is the fact that it can be enjoyed on its own. It’s a sipping drink – there’s lots of layers and depth to it, which means that when you have guests over that aren’t drinking, they can still have something that can be enjoyed slowly and they will feel included and not conspicuous. It’s not handing them the juice from the back of the fridge or a soft drink that can be put away quickly and shows that you’ve put thought and consideration into them. It’s not often everyone can be holding a drink that looks and tastes exactly the same. It means you can still enjoy something sophisticated even when you’re having a night off alcohol.