Voodoo Bacon

Voodoo Bacon contains nothing artificial or unhealthy. It has no added nitrates, and is preservative and anti-oxidant free. Many “nitrate free” bacons contain either celery or beetroot extracts, which are indeed nitrates; Voodoo Bacon has no nitrates added of any kind, as our bacon is “dry cured’.

World-renowned multi award-winning chef George Francisco recreated the intensely flavoured, southern-style, dry-cured smoked bacon he remembered from childhood, and called it Voodoo Bacon. Each slab of bacon is handmade.
Our product uses Queensland free range pork. Unfortunately 70% of Australian ham and bacon uses foreign pork; we like to support Queensland farmers. We insist on free range pork as the pigs live a better life in the outdoors, rather than in a crowded barn.

George Francisco is the artisan behind Voodoo Bacon. He is also an Executive Chef that has earned seven Chef’s Hat Awards with the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Guide, hosted an episode of SBS Food Safari and web based Foraged TV. He is the only chef in Australia to command the kitchens of two Relais and Chateaux properties. He has owned his own award winning restaurant and café in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and conceptualised the food offerings of boutique hotel brand QT Hotels. He also writes for fun and The Good Guide.

George grew up in the U.S. South. His first memory was his mom cooking the delicious aroma of bacon in a cast iron skillet in the morning for breakfast. It is customary to save the bacon fat afterwards to cook other things later in the day or week. His “mom” would add it to the oil she used to cook her fried chicken. She would also use it for the base of her chicken gravy. This is what started his love for bacon. A love that has now led him to become a bacon artisan.

He made the recipe based on methods used in US South, where he grew up. He brought the Southern-style dry-cured, smoked bacon to Australia, where it quickly made a name for itself. George called it Voodoo Bacon and said it contains the magic of the South!

Unlike traditional Australian bacon-making methods, Voodoo Bacon is dry-cured, which means there are no added nitrates. The WHO claims nitrates as being carcinogenic or cancer-causing. So just another reason to enjoy the great taste of Voodoo Bacon.