Wellington Apiary

Wellington Apiary began in 2009 in an established garden in the centre of Hobart by Antonia and Robin O’Brien. Starting as a few hives tucked away in their city garden, Wellington Apiary has grown from producing honey from hives in the Hobart city centre to hives across Tasmania.

Wellington Apiary was started on the principles of producing honey that reflects the flora of Hobart and surrounding vegetation. This philosophy has continued with all varieties of honey production. Wellington Apiary honey is not heated at any stage of extraction or bottling, ensuring all the natural goodness remains. This honey is organically produced, cold extracted and coarse filtered, allowing all the pollen, flavours and aromas to be retained – resulting in pure raw Tasmanian Honey, just as the bees made it.

Tasmania is one of the few places left of earth where chemical treatment of hives is not necessary. Tasmania is currently free from the Varroa mite and small hive beetle, both being major pests internationally and interstate – meaning that we do not treat our bees with chemicals or pesticides. Wellington Apiary honey is from hives that are not treated with any chemicals or pesticides. Our bees are allowed ample stores of their honey over winter on which to feed so they enter into spring – strong, healthy and able to produce pure Tasmanian honey.

Robin and Antonia also work closely with selected beekeepers from around Tasmania who share the same beekeeping principals. This allows Wellington Apiary to support the beekeeping industry as well as sourcing rare and unusual varieties of honey and honeycomb from around the state.

Wellington Apiary honey currently produces various honey and honeycomb varieties, their availability dependent on the season and weather.