Wild Oats Distillery

It all kicked off with a little skulduggery.
Before we had a tap room (or even a name), our distiller Tudor and one of the founders were raiding the supply room of a well-known brewery. Tudor kept watch, relaying instructions while Andy simply pilfered anything he could get his hands on. In his haste, he grabbed a big bag of white oats.
Tudor thought it was hilarious. They’re not something you’d normally put in gin… but then again, why not?
From then on, the White Oat has symbolised our spirit of roguish experimentation. Giving things a crack. Throwing caution out the supply room door. Creating old favourites with new ideas.
In an industry where things are generally done a certain way and you’re expected to be a certain way, we just aren’t.
Our drinks are more than just about gin. They’re about the entire experience – where it’s from, where you have it, who you have it with, and the memories that are created along the way.