Wollangarra Outdoor Education Centre

Welcome to Wollangarra, where down-to-earth adventure meets real-world education for young people.
Tucked away in the breath-taking Victorian High Country, Wollangarra offers a hands-on approach to learning about life, leadership, and environmental care. Here, young people find a welcoming community that values hard work, simple living, and connection to the land. Join us for an honest and exciting experience where friendships grow, confidence builds, and the next generation learns to be thoughtful stewards of our environment. The adventure starts here, with you!
Wollangarra’s programs offer young people a chance to slow down and immerse themselves in activities they can grow from.

Wollangarra’s Aims

  • To protect and enhance the natural environment through practical conservation, and to provide information and education about the natural environment;
  • To educate young people about the beauty and value of the mountains and environment;
  • To foster a positive and practical approach to conservation;
  • To teach people about living with a minimal ecological footprint;
  • To inspire in young people a strong work ethic and sense of community, and;
  • To demonstrate and educate about the sustainable use of resources and the value of people and communities through a more simple, less materialistic lifestyle.