Zero Co

We deliver incredible personal-care and home-cleaning products direct to your door, minus all the single-use plastic.
Zero Co works via an incredibly simple 4 step process: you order, we deliver, you return, we refill.
It’s just like the milkman…reimagined.

Inside your 1st Zero Co box you’ll find:
A set of dispensers made from plastic waste pulled from the ocean
A set of refill pouches made from recycled plastic diverted from landfill
A reply-paid postage satchel
All you have to do is empty the contents of the refill pouches into the dispensers, pop the empty pouches in the reply-paid satchel and send them back to us. We’ll then clean, refill and reuse the pouches.
Our refill system replaces single-use with forever-use.
So voila, you’re single-use plastic free in your kitchen, laundry & bathroom. For good.

Ocean cleanups and manufacturing in Australia!
We’ve spent 6mths building an Australian supply chain from the ground up, working out how to remove plastic from Aussie oceans/beaches and how to process that rubbish and transform it into our Forever Bottles, all done locally via Australian owned and operated partners. We’re on the edge of an absolute Australian-first, making reusable packaging from Aussie ocean and beach waste. We couldn’t be more chuffed about where we’ve gotten to, but we know we’ve still got a long road ahead before all the challenges are ironed out.