Zierholz Premium Brewery

Established in 2005, Zierholz has supplied the Canberra market and beyond with superbly drinkable beer brewed with loyal adherence to the German Beer Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot anno 1516). We pride ourselves in using only the finest ingredients and traditional methods.

Zierholz Brewery started as the brainchild of former Soil and Water Scientist Christoph Zierholz who took to brewing like it was a calling. Originally only intent on pleasing his father who had lamented the dearth of authentic German Weizenbier in Australia since emigrating with his wife and five sons in 1984, Christoph set out to quench that drought by learning how to homebrew. Several local and national brewing champion titles later, Christoph set his goals higher and started Zierholz Brewery, Canberra’s first regional scale microbrewery.

Don’t let all this talk about Germany fool you. Zierholz is 100% locally owned, staffed and brewed right here in Canberra. Yes, we do use some imported ingredients to ensure we can achieve the authentic taste profiles we seek. This is because we are proud to earn high praise from many German expats and tourists recently-returned from Europe: “Your beer tastes just like it does in Germany!”
In tandem with this German brewing heritage is our proud status as a small, local family business. At the end of the day we’re a local family business.
Like so many before us, we are proud to enrich our community with the taste experience we’ve brought with us from our country of birth; what better way to show appreciation for Australia than with excellent beer?