Aboriginal Art Co

Driven by our commitment to Country, community, leadership and accountability, Aboriginal Art Co is connecting ethical and authentic art and artisan products to the market.
We create space for our community to be comfortable and confident that they are being accurately represented.
Our founders are Aboriginal. Troy Casey is a Kamilaroi man and Amanda Hayman has cultural connections to Wakka Wakka and Kalkadoon Country. They lead a majority Aborignal Board that governs the organisation. All of our employees are Aboriginal. We are proactive in both Indigenous communities and the arts industry and we broker relationships between the two.
Aboriginal Art Co’s unique approach respects cultural protocols whilst harnessing appropriate commercial opportunities.
As blackfellas, we are community-minded, conscious of our complex histories and sensitive to issues that affect Aboriginal communities across the country. We don’t pretend to know everything but our curiosity and desire to learn and grow means we’ll always keep our eyes open on this journey.