Amber Simpson

“There is something warm and honest about the nature of timber”
Amber’s love of timber began when she was a child. Growing up in the Southern Highlands of NSW on a property bordered by bushland, nature was her playground. Born to a woodworker the memories of her father’s workshop transcend time, and the same spicy scent mingles with linseed oil and varnish in her own studio.
Now Brisbane based she combines painting and marquetry to create a fusion of the contemporary and traditional. Fascinated by the complex dualities of existence she endeavours to capture this within her process, exploring strength, fragility and the play between solid shape, realism, translucency and linear detail.

Amber originally trained as a painter at the North Adelaide School of Art and spent many years after in design and interiors. She is an inspired traveller whose collected adventures and conversations from around the world bring meaning to her life and art.
“My timber collection was born from discarded material and I find great contentment in re-imagining what could have been wasted. To create and enjoy beautiful, enduring timber pieces can remind us to transcend the everyday and reconnect.”