Ant Haus

All designs in the Ant Haus range are made by hand from start to finish by jewellery designer, Melaney McCleary in her Sydney studio. Melaney is obsessed with contemporary design and so creating a label that focuses on contemporary jewellery was a natural step for her.
In every one of her pieces she uses traditional jewellery making techniques to create beautiful, one of a kind designs. She believes in eco-conscious practises and uses only 100% recycled metals. She also replaces chemicals in her jewellery making processes with natural material alternatives.
She predominately uses Sterling Silver, Rose and Yellow Gold. These materials may be in combination with each other or alone. Contrasting finishes and curves feature strongly in her designs which create interesting movement as the design is worn.
Her designs aren’t about fast fashion. They are thoughtful, timeless pieces that she hopes you will wear everyday and love forever. She takes great joy in hearing from customers who have been wearing her designs everyday for the last 10 years. She is naturally drawn to strong graphic shapes and simplistic forms that sit beautifully when worn. Small details are important and each piece is lovingly crafted with that in mind.