Anvers Tasmania

We proudly produce award-winning handmade truffles, fudges, and specialty chocolates, all guaranteed to delight!
Visit our in-house cafe, and chocolate museum and take in a factory viewing, with all products available in our shop or online.
Anvers Confectionery acquired Wyndarra Lodge in 2002. Wyndarra Lodge is a 1928 bungalow style building set in parkland right on the Bass Highway between Devonport & Latrobe.
It was and is ideally suited to transfer the chocolate factory into, so we could showcase our range in an ideal environment. Renamed the “House of Anvers”, it now hosts over 160,000 visitors a year and won the 2004 Tasmanian Tidy Towns – commerce and business award.
9025 Bass Highway, Latrobe, Tasmania (Australia) 03 6426 2703.
Open daily, 7am to 5pm, 7 days a week