Artwine is owned by Judy and Glen, two live-in-the-moment lovers of Mediterranean style wines, who decided to leave the worlds of banking, research, and marketing behind, and turn their obsession with emerging varieties into a successful business and way of life.

In 2008 when they established the Artwine brand, the Mediterranean varieties they adored were few and far between. What better way to expand than by planting, growing and producing the very wines they were so passionate about?

Fast forward to today and this fun-loving couple are the hearts and grape-stained hands behind the largest range of emerging varieties commercially available. They’re completely enamoured with what they’ve managed to build from the ground up and can’t wait to welcome you to their cellar door so you can experience (and taste) it all first hand.

While Artwine’s focus on Mediterranean style wines was born of Glen and Judy’s passion for them, their philosophy around them has much deeper roots. They believe whole-heartedly these ‘old world’ wines are the ‘emerging’ future of wine in Australia. They’re food-friendly, lighter in style, and have a complexity of flavour that will awaken even the most seasoned palates. Not only that, but their ideal growing conditions are mirrored here in the Adelaide Hills and the Clare Valley, meaning they not only thrive here, but can be sustainably grown, lessening the impact on our land. By owning the vineyards they are able to ensure the best fruit flavours are available to make their outstanding wines.
Our wines are estate grown, single vineyard, minimal sulphites and vegan.