Australian Native Plants Society

The Australian Native Plants Society (Australia) – ANPSA – is an association of state and territory based native plant Societies. As such, it caters for people interested in Australia’s native flora whether that interest is simple appreciation of the beauty and diversity of the flora or whether it extends to propagation, cultivation and conservation.

The Society’s activities are wide ranging and include special interest Study Groups and support of research through the Australian Flora Foundation. The Society is also involved in the publication of a range of practical and educational books on Australian plants and its members have been responsible for the establishment, development and maintenance of many public gardens and reserves throughout Australia. Other promotional activities undertaken by Member Societies include annual exhibitions of Australian plants where the general public can view examples of the flora from all parts of the continent.

Aims and Objectives ….spreading the word
The aims of the Society can be summed up as growing, conserving and appreciating the Australian flora. This includes the following activities:
– Encouraging the growing and use of Australian native plants in home gardens, public places and for revegetation projects and rural planting.
– Supporting the nursery industry in the development of better forms of Australian native plants as garden subjects.
– Promoting and supporting the study, cultivation and appreciation of Australian native plants.
– Communicating knowledge about Australian plants through wildflower festivals, publishing, websites, periodicals, CDs, meetings and seminars.
– Protecting Australian native plants in their natural habitats and encouraging the cultivation of endangered species in botanical gardens and other reserves.
– Taking part in decision making by Government departments.