Hi, I am Brenda.
I have a passion to reignite the use and value of traditional aboriginal bush wellbeing.
I created Banyula-B® with research and care resulting in a distinctive fusion of traditional native bush medicine ingredients unique to Australia. Just like a multitude of other women across the globe, I am a health-conscious and environmentally aware person who cares about chemical-free, natural and ethical skincare products.

Health-conscious consumers like me have the problem that they often feel overwhelmed, frustrated, confused, embarrassed, stressed, and frightened with chemical-based, harsh, and astringent skincare products that cause allergic reactions. We are confronted by the increased risk of the chemicals finding their way into the bloodstream, where they can penetrate vital organs. Research shows me health-conscious consumers are seeking alternative safe products to nurture the healing process of their skin challenges.

After years of unsuccessful chemical-based treatments to eradicate cancer, my husband gave the surgeons permission to go ahead with amputating his right leg. Following the surgery the Doctor told him to look after his other leg as it was the only one he had. Given this advice, I wanted to ensure not only that we protected his amputated stump but also that we ensured any further lesions or skin challenges he encountered would not be chemical-based and we could assist with mitigating any further skin challenges.

Our solution is manufacturing and distributing a natural and ethical skincare cream where the active elements are sourced from native ingredients that grow and occur naturally in the Australian environment.

We do this by creating a unique, wild and clean alternative using non-polluting methods that won’t harm the environment, and nurtures the wellbeing of our people and our planet.