Brazilian Tapioca

Dani and Rod are partners in business and in life. They decided to dive into the world of Tapioca and teamed up for this project, with an audacious plan to introduce Tapioca to the Australian lifestyle.

We knew the challenges we would face but never once we did lose our focus. Five years later we were granted our Australian residency allowing us to finally make long term plans. And so, we start our little business. Our passion for flavoursome and healthy food led us to the Brazilian Tapioca, a crepe-like pancake made with cassava flour.

Tapioca is a well known ingredient in Brazilian cuisine. The tapioca flour is a naturally gluten-free font of complex carbohydrates, therefore a great alternative for those who are allergic to gluten, and an excellent source of energy for a healthy diet, if eaten with moderation. The tapioca flour provides a unique texture to the crepe: it’s chewy and crunch at the same time, making it difficult to compare it with anything else. Whenever you call it a breakfast sandwich, Brazilian taco, cassava flatbread or tapioca crepe, we all have to agree that this is an unique food experience.