Cha Cha Chocolate

When Cha Cha Chocolate first opened its doors in October 2017, it was intended to be a temporary “pop-up shop” for eight weeks over Christmas. However, within a matter of days, Melanice knew she had stumbled upon something truly extraordinary. Fast forward six years and the shop is now bustling with daily local support and visitors flocking from all corners of Australia and beyond.
Melanice’s mission is to revive the beloved old-fashioned favourites that remind us of our childhoods. Imagine sinking your teeth into a Polly Waffle again, tasting a crumbly slab of Russian Fudge, or enjoying a chunk of Gourmet Rocky Road with fresh handmade marshmallows & crunchy peanuts.
Melanice and Tim are the passionate owners that are dedicated to chocolate lovers and small business.
For Melanice, chocolate is more than just a daily indulgence —it’s a gateway to treasured childhood memories. Her love affair with chocolate began at a young age, working in the family chocolate factory with her father Barry Jacobsen creating old fashioned confectionery. Since the age of 15 years old Melanice cooked Fudges, Coconut Ice, Brittles, Chocolate Bars and their famous Rocky Road just to name a few.

“Growing up with a dad who owned a chocolate factory was the coolest thing EVER. My childhood was magical and I remember the memories that were made with my sisters amongst the mountains of chocolate & sugar bags. As we travelled from Bundaberg to Cairns for show circuits each year and set up popup shops in shopping centres, I started to discover my ultimate dream was to have my own chocolate shop one day. Leaving school at 15 to follow in my father’s footsteps and learn his trade was the best decision I ever made. Those experiences shaped me, igniting a lifelong love affair with chocolate and the commitment to carry on my father’s chocolate legacy. As I reflect on those cherished moments, I can’t help but feel grateful for the extraordinary childhood that revolved around the magical world of chocolate.”