Chamcham Sauce

I am Bora, the founder of Cham Cham Sauce.
As a busy mum, cooking at home had always been challenging, especially during those lockdown days when I had my little one right by my side. The hardest part was getting the flavour. I bought and tried so many different Korean sauces when I cooked. But those mass-produced sauces were full of chemicals, and lacking the authentic flavours that I wanted. In fact, I had to use so many different condiments and spices to make one dish.
So I asked my husband Jake (who is a professional chef with 15 years of experiences. can you imagine the pressure I felt when cooking?) to make some easy-to-use and goes-with-anything sauces for me to use at home. He made some traditional Korean sauces with a twist and I loved it. So easy to use and I could make restaurant quality meals. They saved me so much time and money.
After countless tasting and testing, we finally created Cham Cham Trio – Smoky gochujang, Green chilli ssamjang and Soy mustard ganjang. Authentic Korean and full of flavour. Easy to use with various recipes.
I hope you enjoy our sauces as much as we do. I believe having Cham Cham Sauces at home will take your everyday meals to a whole new level.