Christie’s Tradition in Timber

At Christie’s Traditions in Timber, the rich traditions of working with timber are brought to life through the craftsmanship of woodworker and turner Jill, and her husband Dominic, who plays a crucial role in meticulously preparing timber slabs for general sale and various projects. Our aim is to offer quality timber-based kitchenware and homewares direct from the artisan. We source our timber very carefully, using only reclaimed, storm fall, urban salvage or pre-felled trees, much of it locally sourced in South-East Queensland or Northern Rivers of NSW, changing what is often wasted back into a valuable resource. We manage the full production process from log all the way through to the finished product, embracing a ‘warts and all’ policy, as we believe that many of the blemishes and faults within wood not only tell a story, but often enhance or individualise each piece.