Cuddles Koalas

We are a small family operation making traditional Kangaroo Fur Souvenirs and Koalas. Cuddles Koalas has been our family business for over 30 years and at one time we employed quite a few people. Now the two of us make our items as a hobby selling mainly by mail order. and we do occasionally have a stall at local markets such as Pomona We have kept our old name of Cuddles Koalas for sentimental reasons.

We make Australian animals namely Koalas, Kangaroos Wombats Echidnas and Platypus each one is made with love. Our souvenir lines are key rings, fridge magnets, bookmarks, luggage tags, postcards, purses and shoulder bags. By special request we make floor rugs and cushions.
All our items are made from high quality Kangaroo fur hides obtained from a tannery in Queensland and regulated by National Parks and Wildlife.
When we had a stall at Eumundi Markets we enjoy meeting people from all over the world who bought our Koalas etc and over the past few years our items have been taken to over 120 countries that we know of.
Many customers tell us they had a Kangaroo fur Koala when they were children which they still have. Some are as old as 50 years.
We believe we are possibly the last ones making these Kangaroo fur animals in Australia.
Please give us a ring on 07 54823604 if you would like more information.