Damion Fauser

Damion designs and builds furniture and other works using fine timbers and veneers as his medium. Influenced, but not bound by Scandinavian and Oriental styles, he produces pieces using a combination of modern and traditional techniques. Whether it is the hand-cut dovetails, the drawbored mortise and tenon joint or the wonderfully tactile sense of a hand-planed surface, you can have confidence knowing that your piece was made by a trade-qualified Cabinetmaker and Accredited Studio Woodworker – an expert.

If you have a particular requirement, whether it is a jewellery box for that special milestone in life, a cabinet for additional storage or a table to fit “that” spot in your home, Damion can work with you to design a piece that is perfect for you. Commissioning a piece of fine furniture is an exciting and rewarding journey that you can have an integral role in. Every piece that Damion makes reflects you yet suits a functional requirement better than anything you could ever find in a store and reflects a part of him and his journey as a woodworker. With your input into the design and Damion’s devotion to his mastery of the craft, you will be getting a piece that is a part of you – a family heirloom for generations to come.