Gary’s Honey

As a kid growing up in a rural town l saw a lot of bee hives, l was curious but weary of them. Something about them excited me, I used to stand close to the hives and watch the bees come and go.
It would be years later at a nearby permaculture commune that I purchased an old book “bee keeping in Australia”. I read that book multiple times and it hooked me, it hooked me hard. A couple of months later I had my first hive which then lead to more and more hives. One does not simply have one hive!
Through my job as a technician in the coffee industry I have made many great friendships in the Brisbane cafe community. Through these friendships I have been able to set up my Samford apiary site at Loop farm, where the bees are now in the “loop” pollinating all the beautiful organic produce that grows there.
Gary’s honey is a small batch operation in collaboration with the bees and our wonderful wholesalers and friends.