Hive and Harvest

While our heart lies in the scenic hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, our bees journey across the vast landscapes of South East Queensland. From the refreshing seaside breezes to the lush hinterland and the expansive country plains, they forage in diverse ecosystems. Each environment, with its unique flora, imparts distinct flavours to our Raw Australian Honey. Central to this journey is our dedication to sustainable beekeeping, ensuring harmony with nature and bringing you honey in its richest, most unadulterated form.

Nurturing our Bees in Maleny: At our property in Maleny, we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure our bees thrive. We have planted hundreds of diverse plants to enrich their foraging opportunities and ensure they are well-nourished throughout the year.

Minimal Intervention: Our approach to beekeeping is grounded in minimal intervention. This means we only harvest surplus honey, ensuring we never diminish the bees’ required supply. We respect the natural balance and harmony within the hive.

Natural Beehive Management: Unlike many commercial operations, we do not requeen beehives annually purely for optimizing yield. While some of our hives are incredibly productive, others might produce less, but we respect and allow each hive to flourish in its own way.

Organic Pest Management: To protect our bees from pests, we prioritise organic pest management techniques whenever possible.

Sustainable Packaging: Beyond beekeeping, we’re committed to reducing our environmental footprint. Our use of glass packaging, for instance, significantly reduces our contribution to landfill.

Year-Round Forage: Our apiary locations, carefully chosen, offer year-round forage, eliminating the need for stressful relocations which are common in traditional commercial beekeeping in Australia.

Our Ongoing Commitment: As we grow, we endeavour to continually enhance our sustainability impact.

However, we proudly hold a HACCP certification, which thoroughly documents our processes, ensuring that safety and quality are paramount in everything we do.

Our dedication to sustainable beekeeping ensures our bees’ well-being and enables us to offer honey that is a genuine reflection of its natural environment. We believe this method results in a product superior in both taste and quality.