Jansz Tasmania

Jansz Tasmania is a luxury sparkling wine house, solely devoted to the art of sparkling winemaking since 1986. Location is integral to growing outstanding fruit and only Tasmania can boast such idyllic conditions. Put simply, it is the perfect place to craft premium sparkling wines. By allowing nature to do the work, our wines are naturally expressive of our Tasmanian home and its pure, pristine environment.
Undeniably Tasmanian. Unmistakably Jansz.

In wine, Tasmania is Jennifer’s first love. Ice chilled bubbles amidst rugged natural beauty, an empty beach, Smithfield collies! Her viticultural journey began 28 years ago in her home state of New South Wales; however, her wine compass has been resolutely fixed on a southerly bearing. Whilst Jennifer’s career has seen her traversing cool climate regions of Orange, Pemberton and Margaret River, the last 12 years have found her firmly planted in the Jansz ‘Pontos Hills’ and ‘Woodside’ vineyards in southern Tasmania.
In work and in life, sustainability and treading lightly on our earth are close to Jennifer’s heart. She began exploring alternative methods of managing pests and diseases early in her career, realising the multi-faceted value of protecting and enhancing biological diversity. Jennifer’s 2012 Dr Don Martin Sustainable Viticulture Fellowship study tour further inspired this pathway.
Moving to Tasmania was pivotal for Jennifer, representing the ultimate in Australian cool climate viticulture. Her passion for Tasmania, viticultural background and eye for detail led to her appointment as Jansz Winemaker at Pontos Hills Winery in the Coal River Valley. Her role now encompasses all aspects of sparkling wine production for one of Australia’s most popular and deluxe sparkling wine houses.
In 2017, Jennifer was awarded ‘Viticulturist of the Year’ at the Australian Women in Wine Awards, for consistent performance, innovation and best practice methods to achieve results.