Kalki Moon

Founded in Bundaberg’s infamous cane fields, Kalki Moon is the region’s artisan distillery.
It was born here in Bundaberg, with our Founder and Master Distiller, Rick Prosser, taking inspiration from the cane fields.
Kalki Moon comes from the Bundaberg suburb, Kalkie — where Rick and his wife, Kylie built their home. One night, Rick found himself inspired by the view of the cane fields –which span kilometres– and how the full moon shone down on them. It embodied the beauty of this great region, which is exactly what Kalki Moon aspires to do as well.
We’re Bundaberg locals and we want to pay homage to that. Our creations, whether gin or rum, are here to reward our region. To offer them something that’s different and a little bit special. Bundaberg has a rich agricultural history, from our century of sugarcane farming to our lesser-known produce contributions. We believe this region and its farmers feed the nation. So, we give back to Bundaberg too.
The quality of our spirits comes down to where we source the ingredients — this beautiful region. From our Australian-made equipment to our locally sourced lemon and cinnamon not to mention our world-famous Ginger and locally-made Molasses.