Loom Arts and Management

Loom Arts and Management is a disability-led not-for-profit organisation in Melbourne, Australia, formed with the aim of increasing representation, respect and access to opportunities for artists with disability.
While people with disability currently make up around 18% of the population in Australia, they are one of the most marginalised demographics in our society and are chronically underrepresented across mainstream arts, media and public platforms. Loom seeks to address this issue in a number of ways.
Loom provides bespoke support for both artists with disability and those wishing to work with artists to facilitate positive and ongoing working relationships within the mainstream arts sector.
We pair artists with artist supports who share similar interests, and whose skills and experiences will benefit the artist’s creative practice.
Support services include (but are not limited to) grant writing and administration assistance, weekly one-on-one artist support to build skills, and professional development workshops run by industry leaders.